We are looking for a HVAC Customer Service Representatives who makes people feel great about their decision to choose the company they represent. A personality that invites Baker's Heating and Air Conditioning customers and new customers into our Family, where clients can feel good with their choice to choose our company.

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HVAC CSR Jobs Benefits

The most rewarding experience you'll ever have

Customer Service Representatives are the backbone of any HVAC company that's successful, answering questions and helping customers find solutions to their problems can be tough and rewarding challenges. Helping our customers find better ways to live efficiently and comfortable at home is a rewarding experience. Your the first person they'll speak with to help answer any questions or concerns, putting them on path towards 100% satisfaction!

Become a Pro HVAC CSR

When working with a customer, it is important to never lose sight of their needs. As an HVAC CSR your ultimately responsible for booking the appointment to the best of your ability - YOU have this! We encourage our HVAC CSR's to take charge by utilizing our benefit of Nexstar training, because overall there's nothing more satisfying than knowing your learning skills, for our futures. We believe that the best employees are those who feel like they belong. Our goal is for you to come into work every day, enjoy your shift and have a great experience with us!


2 weeks after first year


90 day evaluations


90 day start time


Strategic training

We're more than just a company, we feel like family. Our benefits package is designed with you in mind- from medical insurance to 401k plans and much more!
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HVAC CSR Jobs Training Benefits

We provide 5 star training for our employees with our strategic partners


Nexstar Call Center

Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning provides HVAC CSR's with the tools to succeed with their future and increase earnings potential. Nexstar  Call Center class will teach fundamental skills to book appointments. HVAC Customer Service Representatives learn how to make the most of their customers experience and maximize your call-booking opportunities while delivering 5-star impressions.

Lennox Learning Solutions

Lennox's Customer Service Representative Trainings Helps HVAC CSR's create a memorable first impression with the homeowner. A homeowner call can be intimidating and difficult at times so you will want to be prepared with the words that assure them of our commitment to 5 star service. Learning the importance in creating empathy through tone when talking with people.

Need More Benefits? We've got More.

Our employees score some awesome benefits that really stand out from all the others!
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Health Benefits

We provide health, dental, and vision benefits you'd expect from a company like ours - let's talk about your needs!

Retirement benefits

We're here to help make your future brighter. We offer retirement benefits that can do just what you need done-and more!

Paid days off

Paid days off? That's right, we pay you to just stay at home sometimes. But don't take it personally!

Join our team and we will help you grow into your potential. We are committed to helping every employee reach their full potential.

Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning

Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning has been keeping the people of Northern California comfortable since 1970's. Our team is made up of only the best people, who are continually trained on the latest in HVAC technology. We believe that our customers should always come first, which is why they are our top priority. When you work with or at Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning, you can be sure that you’re getting quality care from a company you can rely on.

What Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning Does

Here at Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning, we are a team of home service experts who take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality heating and air conditioning services and equipment.

HVAC CSR Jobs Goals

To convert incoming customer calls into booked service appointments by promoting the company's goals and vision.

Requirement for HVAC CSR Jobs

  • You'll need to Master The Call Script in order to sound authentic & professional when talking with our customers.
  • It is important to Participate in Training so that you can grow and develop as a professional.
  • You will be responsible for updating our Customer Database with accurate and complete information.
  • Maintain communication with dispatch and your manager.
  • Maintaining communication with dispatch and your manager is essential for a successful work environment.
Desired skills and experience

If you find the above challenging and enjoyable - then that's just right!

What We Offer
  • You’ll have the potential for Top Earnings with us.
  • Medical Insurance -- we pay 100% of your medical, dental and vision premiums for you.
  • With the latest software and equipment, we make sure that our employees stay connected with all of their important tasks.
  • We offer a 401k plan with matching contributions for our employees
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