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The Air Conditioning Repair experts at Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning have been providing customers in Lodi California with the best Air Conditioning Repair Service possible since 1975. We know that when you need an Air Conditioning Repair Service, it can be a stressful process. That's why we're committed to providing our customers with the best Air Conditioning Repair or service possible - from start-to finish!

If you need an Air Conditioning Repair or Heating Repair in Lodi California area, we've got just what your looking for! With our fully stocked trucks and quick response timeframes; there's no Air Conditioning Repair too big nor small.

With our 100% best price and satisfaction guarantee combined with financing options Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning gives homeowners peace of mind when repairing, or investing in a new home Air Conditioning Installation.

The technicians at Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning are trained to make sure your Air Conditioning unit lasts as long as possible. All of our NATE-certified technicians go through extensive training, which is backed by both the North American Technician Excellence Institute (NATE) or EPA (certification) - so you can feel confident knowing that we care not only about fixing what's wrong but also preventing future Air Conditioning Repairs before they happen!

The experts at Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning are here for you, no matter what your Air Conditioning Repair service may be. Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning work's with all major brands to provide our customers the best HVAC solutions that fit their unique cooling or heating requirements perfectly!

Air Conditioning Repair Lodi Ca

When the summer months come around, you won’t want to go without the comfort of your air conditioner. After a hard long day at work or a day spent in the sun with family and friends, an Air Conditioner Repair isn’t something most are prepared for.  What will you do when your HVAC system needs an unexpected Air Conditioner Repair? Is your air conditioner working at all, or is it blowing warm air?  At Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning, our certified premier technicians are ready to provide you with a 5 star Air Conditioner Repair.

Since 1975 we have provided our Air Conditioner Repair clients with the most effective, reliable and fast Air Conditioner Repair services. Providing the best guarantees to bring you 100% satisfaction with every experience. This allows us to provide the most highly trained HVAC repair specialist to meet your specialized needs.

With Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning we know where you can find “The best Air Conditioner Repair near me?” Give us a Call or Contact Us

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Reasons you may need an Air Conditioning Repair Lodi Ca

When your air conditioner system has something go wrong you will notice it fast, most of the time. If and when you notice any of these signs or something out of the normal with your air conditioner, call Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning and get scheduled with one of our premier professional HVAC technicians.

If any of this sounds like your homes air conditioning system, these are clear warning signs of potential Air Conditioning repair that need to be handled by professional an Air Conditioning repair contractor. Focus on enjoying a beautiful Lodi summer and call Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning for your repair today. 

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Frequently asked Air Conditioning Repair Lodi questions:

Our Air Conditioning Repair Lodi Services

Don’t risk going without air conditioning on a hot summer day by scheduling with an inexperienced Air Conditioning Repair technician. The Air Conditioning professionals at Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning in Lodi CA are trained to provide the best Air Conditioning Repair in the Lodi area. Our expert Air Conditioning Repair technicians will come to your home, diagnose your system, and then review their professional recommendations with you. After your approval, they’ll perform the agreed upon repairs to ensure you have a properly working Air Conditioning cooling system this summer. To find out more about Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning, and Air Conditioning Repair in Lodi, CA, contact us online NOW. 

Baker's Air Conditioning Repair Services.

We provide a wide variety of services and products.

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Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning, an HVAC repair contractor focusing on delivering the best Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning craftsmanship to our customers. Bonded licensed and insured, to give the greatest value for HVAC services in Lodi Ca.

Have confidence with Baker's we provide certified trained, background tested employees to proved the best service for our customers. Baker's air conditioning repair techs I have the knowledge and the skills for an efficient diagnosis of your HVAC system in Lodi, Ca.

We provide fully stocked trucks, with the most common parts to fix your HVAC system in the same visit in most cases. From our hassle free knowledgeable dispatch department, to our 24/7 Award winning reliable emergency service techs Bakers has the answers you are looking for.

Schedule Now Air Conditioning Repair Lodi Ca

Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning has been family owned and operated since 1975. Providing the highest quality of service to our friends and community in Lodi, CA is a point of pride for us. Our philosophy is that each and every one of our customers should be treated with honesty and respect. Our premier Air Conditioner Repair professionals are routinely educated to provide top notch and innovation solutions directly to you. We don’t limit ourselves to taking care of unexpected problems, our quality service looks to prevent - preventable issues your homes energy system could have. We are licensed, bonded and insured Heating and cooling experts so you never have to worry about who is in your home in Lodi, CA. Call Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning at 209-334-5338 or contact us online to stay cool. 

Residential Air Conditioning Services

When you need the best Air Conditioning repair near me, rely on Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC services, make us your trusted HVAC contractor. Our team offers a different approach to residential heating and cooling solutions so that your living space is always comfortable in your home and provides fresh clean air in summer or all year long!

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1. Air Conditioning

Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning knows that the heat can make you feel hot, but it doesn't have to affect the comfort provided by your Air Conditioning set up. With our dependable services for air conditioning installation and service in sunny California we'll keep things cool all year round!

2. Air Conditioning Repair

When you need an Air Conditioning Repair, it’s important to know that our team will get your system running as soon as possible. We have fully stocked service trucks and 24 hour emergency service technicians on staff so there's always someone close by for fast response times!

3. Air Conditioning Maintenance

Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance is needed and recommended by the manufacturer of your equipment to inspect the most major components of an Air Conditioning such its blower motor or coils. Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning also checks out control components and refrigerant levels in order make sure everything is operating at maximum efficiency. This means better cooling results without those pesky “dinging noises" from inside the home due too excessive high refrigerant levels.

Residential Air Conditioning Products

Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered with a wide range of Air Conditioning HVAC Products that are sure to meet all your needs. From rooftop units and split systems, heat pumps - even ductless air conditioners! Let us help make life more comfortable this season by providing quality Products at competitive prices.

1. Air Conditioning Installation

With Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning, you’ll get a great price for your new Air Conditioning Installation. And with our $500 apples to apples price match guarantee offer — if someone finds better terms anywhere else—we'll give it to them the difference! That makes sure that when work gets hot or the weather turns chilly (or both!), everyone has what they need at an affordable cost.

The old adage says "you get what ya pay for" is especially true here: With such low prices on air conditioning systems from reputable brands like Lennox or Rheem-this means there will always be enough heat wherever needed without breaking anyone's bank account.

2. Air Conditioning Replacement

If you are in need of an Air Conditioning Replacement, we would love to offer our free consultation. We’ll assess the size and pricing for your home as well as high efficiency options that can help save on short-term costs while also saving money over time!

With its hot summers and cold winters, the climate in California means you need an Air Conditioning that will work 24/7. We install high-quality models with five or ten year extended warranties to protect against future repairs needed on them!

3. Smart Controls, Thermostats

With the advancements in technology, we can now tailor our home heating and cooling systems to suit us perfectly. This means greater savings without sacrificing comfort! Here's what you need know about smart HVAC controls:

  • They analyze airflow patterns throughout your house
  • They maintain different temperatures throughout your house 
  • They achieve proper indoor air quality in your house

Residential HVAC Service

We can help you achieve your efficiency and comfort goals with residential HVAC Service at no hidden costs. Contact Bakers Heating & Air Conditioning today to find out more about the best around for all things heating, ventilation and air conditioning! We believe in giving our customers the best service possible. So, if you have any questions about HVAC Service or would like to discuss a complete list of services for your home comfort and energy efficiency needs please don't hesitate to contact us!

1. HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance is a major part in your homes care. It keeps you cool and warm, but it’s also essential for maintaining your HVAC Products! Do not let your HVAC Maintenance get neglected by making sure that HVAC maintenance is done on time with real professionals who know what they're doing. Bakers Heating & Air Conditioning will always have 24 hour service; no matter how small or large issue arises within seconds our team has somebody ready to take care them right away

2. HVAC Inspections

Have you been using your heating and cooling equipment? If so, it's important to keep up with regular HVAC Inspections. Baker's Heating & Air Conditioning provides a wide range of HVAC Inspections for all makes and models that will help your HVAC system last longer! Our HVAC technicians notice any signs before problems arise- saving time (and money), stress from unexpected breakdowns. We're here at Bakers every step along the way waiting patiently until called upon by our customers' needs as they come through loud & clear: "I need some HVAC work done"

3. HVAC Repair

Residential Heating Services

You can depend on us for reliable heating and air conditioning systems. Our top brands, like Carrier or Trane are known throughout California to provide warm homes during winter months when temperatures drop below freezing point! We offer an efficient upgrade in your home's energy efficiency with new technology that will save you money while being good neighbors by not causing any unnecessary pollution into our environment either because it saves resources when repairs need doing instead of wasting them trying fix something old-fashioned way . Or if there isn't anything wrong but just want better performance outta yer current equipment? No problem—we've got experts trained enough so they'll be able take care fast without ever leaving their jobs un

Heat Pumps and Ductless Mini-Splits

With heating and cooling options available for your home, it can be difficult to decide which is best. An efficient heat pump system might just do the trick or if you live in a area where there's no natural airflow from windows then consider ductless mini-split systems are perfect because they provide both forced air ventilation as well at indoor temperature settings without sacrificing too much space!

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Our reward is not a huge profit margin but instead the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Our priority is customer satisfaction. We never pressure you to make sales, but give you the information to make an informed decision. We don't employ sales people who work on commission or add hundreds of dollars to your job for mass marketing campaigns.

Our workmanship is some of the best in the business. Best of all, our prices are very competitive. Read testimonials from our recent customers so you won't have to take our word for it!

We believe in old fashioned values and are picky about every detail of our work. We want our meticulous attention to every detail to exceed your expectations. We do not settle for just acceptable work.

We specialize in system replacements and our furnaces and air conditioners are rated number one by a leading consumer review magazine, for least likely to need repairs.

We have financing plans available with good rates starting around $65 a month (O.A.C.)

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