HVAC Service Technician Jobs

Have you been looking for a new challenge? Baker's Heating and Air Conditioning has HVAC Service Technician Jobs available!We are seeking to fill several HVAC Service Technician Jobs of all skill levels to service our residential HVAC customers. HVAC Service Technician Jobs are an amazing earning opportunity, our top Tech's get paid well over 100k per year, so if this sounds like a position that would interest you, get your career jumpstarted with Baker's Heating and Air Conditioning. Apply Today!

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HVAC Service technician benefits


2 weeks after first year


90 day evaluations


90 day start time


Strategic training

HVAC Training Benefits

We provide the best training for our employees with our strategic partners



Service System Fundamentals course is designed to prepare participants for their HVAC service technician jobs taking part in a live, three-day service system class? You can now get all of your learning needs met with the best teachers in the business! Learn new skills and earn a higher salary as you grow your professional abilities.
Lennox Learning Solutions

Lennox Learning Solutions

The 3-week sessions are designed to help participants get the knowledge they need for HVAC service technician jobs career level. With a three week course, techs can be back in field after just one month! Training from the ground up, this is the type of career advance perfect to anyone serious about their future.


The three-day technical training course is designed to assist HVAC service technician jobs in the installation and maintenance of Aeroseal products. The first day focuses on product knowledge, including an introduction about how it works as well basic troubleshooting techniques for common problems.

Considering an HVAC Service Technician Job as a Career?

Can't get enough hands-on work? We understand. You want to be able to make a difference in people's lives, and that is what HVAC Service Technician Jobs do at Baker's Heating and Air Conditioning! Our team members take pride in their ability to problem solve in their HVAC Service Technician Careers. There are never any dull moments with our hot and cold climate because every day brings new challenges worth tackling.

Baker's Heating and Air Conditioning understands and wants you to find a career with us.

The demand for HVAC Service Technician Jobs is soaring, and we're ready to see you grow with us. We invest in your future by providing training that will equip you not only for a successful HVAC Service Technician Careers but also for advancement opportunities and beyond!


Already an Experienced HVAC Service Technician?

We all know what it's like to be responsible for a homeowner who relies on us for heating and air conditioning. We work hard every day, but we also face challenges in the field - especially if you're not properly trained or equipped with the right tools (and equipment). That’s why Baker Heating & Air Conditioning provides the proper training and wants feedback from our valued employees; because one of the best ways HVAC Service Technician Jobs succeed in the HVAC industry is to learn new relevant skills and by listening to the teams ideas about how we can all do better!

Join our team of dedicated professionals and be a part in Baker's Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer steady work with the right number of hours all year long. Additionally, HVAC Service Technician Jobs are provided with excellent training that will help you reach new heights!

We invest in you. Every day, we surround ourselves with knowledge and strive for excellence and will do whatever is necessary to get there - because that's what it takes: sheer determination!

We invest in you. Every day, we surround ourselves with knowledge and strive for excellence and will do whatever is necessary to get there - because that's what it takes: sheer determination!

Master HVAC Service Technician, Journeyman HVAC Service Technician and Apprentice HVAC Service Technician Apply Now!

Need More Benefits? We've got More.

Our employees score some awesome benefits that really stand out from all the others!
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Health Benefits

We provide health, dental, and vision benefits you'd expect from a company like ours - let's talk about your needs!

Retirement benefits

We're here to help make your future brighter. We offer retirement benefits that can do just what you need done-and more!

Paid days off

Paid days off? That's right, we pay you to just stay at home sometimes. But don't take it personally!

Join our team and we will help you grow. We want to give people who are driven by opportunity for success, so that's why your HVAC Service Technician Jobs matters!

Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning

Maybe you've seen our trucks around town or heard about our HVAC Service Technician Jobs from a friend. We're proud of the company we have built and how much it means to be part-of Baker's Heating and Air Conditioning! You might not know what its like working here but we can tell you that every day feels better than last when there are people coming into work who get excited from accomplishing their goals because they know firsthand just why choosing customer service over profit margins was worth every penny spent on training costs alone. I would love nothing more than having new employees join us as soon as possible so please apply today if this is the type of environment you can succeed in!!

What Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning Does

With a team of skilled professionals, we go the extra mile to ensure peak HVAC performance for our homeowner's Heating and Air Conditioning systems.

HVAC Service Technician Jobs Goals

You will make a lasting impression on your customers by providing them with exceptional service that's beyond compare. You'll diagnose and repair heating, cooling systems so they can feel confident in their decision to be advised from you - Giving people more information than ever before about HVAC products which gives us an opportunity for growth as well!

Requirement for HVAC Service Technician Jobs

  • Maintaining communication with dispatch, your manager and all of the different teams that are involved in making sure you get what's need for professional customer service.
  • Company's trucks are always immaculate, a HVAC Service Technician takes pride in making sure they stay that way.
  • Keeping your inventory up to date is the best way of ensuring that you're providing the best customer service. A well-stocked truck will help ensure efficiency, as it's easier when everything matches what we need for certain jobs at hand!
  • Make sure you complete all of your paperwork before leaving your HVAC Service Technician jobs or else it's possible that something could cause delays for our valid customers, which will cost money and delayed comfort.
  • Providing after hour on-call rotation is a crucial part of our company service. You need to be available and willing, so that we can satisfy our homeowners in case something happens at any time day or night!
  • Maintaining a clean and professional appearance is essential for any business.
  • Maintain a clean driving record, It is important to maintain a clean driving record.
  • The world of professional HVAC Service Technician Jobs is an ever-changing one, which means that to stay up-to-date in today's HVAC market you need access to training and education. For professionals who want their skillset improved or enhanced there are many opportunities available through manufacture programs contractor success organizations.
  • The world is a competitive place and to get ahead, you need certifications. Our HVAC Service Technician jobs offer access to the knowledge that can help with this!
Desired skills and experience

Perform under the Requirement for HVAC Service Technician Jobs as mentioned above. The journey to achieving your goals is not always an easy one, but the satisfaction you will feel when they are achieved makes it worth every ounce of effort.

What We Offer
  • You’ll have unlimited potential to make money with an HVAC Service Technician Jobs with Baker's. We provide our technicians the highest paid positions in the industry, and you can expect a competitive wage that will grow as your skills develop!
  •  HVAC Service Technician Jobs are critical that's why Baker's Heating & Air Conditioning supplies clean trucks to its tech's.
  • We want you and your family to be healthy, so we'll pay for the insurance premiums. Families deserve great healthcare coverage without worrying about high out of pocket costs.
  • The integration of technology such as iPhone and iPad with various software has made it easier than ever for us to stay connected.
  • The most advanced tools, parts and supplies.
  • The 401k plan is a great way to save for retirement and the company match means you'll never be short on retirement.

Join our team of caring professionals. We do more than just work together, we care for each other like family! We care about our team, and expect you to bring that same caring when joining. We do a lot more than just work together - You'll come to love the company just like us!

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