HVAC Installer Jobs

Put your career on track with the best paying the HVAC Installer Jobs out there! If you are looking for a well-paying, high tech position that will give you plenty of opportunity to grow and develop skills in an industry where everyone is moving rapidly forward then look no further than our company. Baker's Heating & Air Conditioning currently has several openings available at all levels - from Apprentice level HVAC Installer positions up through installation manager; we have what it takes so don't wait another second before applying today because time isn’t always kind when dealing directly with your future.

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HVAC Installer Jobs Benefits


2 weeks after first year


90 day evaluations


90 day start time


Strategic training

HVAC Installer Training Benefits

We provide the best training for our HVAC installers. 



This course exists to help HVAC Installers become better equipped for handling clients and HVAC Installation jobs by providing an efficient process that will lead everyone through clear communication, accurate delivery of HVAC Installation Jobs as well five-star execution along every step during installation.

Lennox Learning Solutions

Lennox Learning Solutions

This course will teach you the skills necessary to install a complete HVAC system, in accordance with manufacture specifications. You'll spend time learning about fundamental practices and hands-on training for your HVAC installer jobs where we emphasize best practices that are code regulations as well!



The three-day HVAC Installer jobs course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed for preparing, and applying Aeroseal product. The first day focuses on product introduction including how it works as well basic troubleshooting techniques so common problems don't keep get you down.

Considering an HVAC installer Job as a Career?

Want to be part of an industry where you can make a difference in people's lives? We know that feeling, which is why HVAC Installer Jobs are waiting for those who want their hands-on work! You'll find yourself constantly solving problems and overcoming challenges with our team members every day because there isn't any dull moment when working here at Baker’s Heating & Air Conditioning. If you're someone who thrives on problem solving and challenges then this may be the career choice right up your alley!

Baker's Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to hiring the best team members possible. We want you in our company not just for a couple of weeks or months, but rather multiple years!

We're ready for you to join the ranks of our HVAC installer heroes! You'll get more than just a paycheck with us. We invest in your future by providing on-the Industry leading training that will help prepare not only people who want careers as installers but also those looking forward towards advancement opportunities and beyond.


Already an Experienced HVAC installer?

The HVAC industry is full of challenges, but one way to succeed as an installer is by maintaining and learning new skills. That’s why Baker Heating & Air Conditioning provides training for their employees - so they can do better work! We all know what it's like when we're responsible not just day-to-day management or technical support; instead our jobs involve working closely with homeowners who rely on us. This means there are constant pressures involved in keeping up standards and training both externally and within the company itself (more than ever before).

Baker's HVAC team is always looking for new employees to join our growing business. We provide steady work with the right number of hours all year long, and offer excellent training that will help you reach heights beyond your imagination!

With the right education skills and tools, you can be successful and efficient. We invest in your future by providing access to information and opportunities that will help achieve personal excellence - because nothing takes courage like convictions!

Master HVAC Installer Jobs, Journeyman HVAC Installer Jobs and Apprentice HVAC Installer Jobs, Now Hiring!

Need More Benefits? We've got More.

Our employees score some awesome benefits that really stand out from all the others!
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Health Benefits

We provide health, dental, and vision benefits you'd expect from a company like ours - let's talk about your needs!

Retirement benefits

We're here to help make your future brighter. We offer retirement benefits that can do just what you need done-and more!

Paid days off

Paid days off? That's right, we pay you to just stay at home sometimes. But don't take it personally!

We are looking for people just like you who want to grow and prosper. Join our team of talented professionals, we'll give your HVAC installer job the attention it deserves!

Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning

Baker's Heating and Air Conditioning is more than just a company, it’s the community. We are proud to have people coming into work every day who get excited about accomplishing their goals because they know first hand why choosing customer service over profit margins was worth every penny spent on training costs alone! We would love nothing less than having new employees join us as soon as possible so please apply today if this sounds like an environment where you can succeed.

What Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning Does

We are a team of skilled professionals who always go the extra mile to ensure our homeowners receive the maximum comfort from their heating and air conditioning equipment.

HVAC Installer Jobs Goals

We're not your average HVAC Installation company. you'll offer an exceptional level of customer service that provides our customers with more care than they could ever imagine, and it all ends with you! Your goal is simple: To provide people in their time-of need; outstanding work by installing high quality HVAC equipment at efficient time frame so everyone wins - From homeowners who are looking to cool down or heat things up efficiently using the best HVAC equipment in the market installed by you.

Requirement for HVAC Installer Jobs

  1. Communication, keeping in touch with dispatch, your manager and all of the different teams that are involved in making sure you get what's needed for professional customer service.
  2. Clean Trucks the trucks of the company are always immaculate, and it's because their HVAC installer takes pride in making sure they stay that way.
  3. Stocked Trucks - keeping inventory up to date is one of the best ways you can ensure that your customers are getting a great experience. If everything matches what we need for certain jobs, then efficiency will be increased!
  4. Complete Paperwork we know you're eager to get back in your car and head home after a long day of work, but don't forget about those pesky paperwork obligations. You can save yourself some grief by making sure that all required documents are included with each job before leaving the site - even if it means an extra five minutes per sheet!
  5. Look Your Best if you want to make a good first impression, it's important that your appearance is clean and professional.
  6. Clean DMV maintaining a clean DMV driving record is important for your career and care of your company vehicle vehicle.
  7. Keep Training and stay relevant and up-to date with all HVAC Installation technology, you have access to training programs online and on site that will teach you the best skillset for today's HVAC Installation jobs.
  8. Get Certifications, certifications are important for getting ahead in the world today. We offer our HVAC Installers the access to certifications which can help with career advancement!

HVAC installer jobs skills and experience

Perform requirement for HVAC Installer jobs as mentioned above the journey to achieving your goals is not always an easy one, but the satisfaction you will feel when they are achieved makes it worth every ounce of effort. 

What We Offer
  • You'll be able to make more money in the HVAC installer industry by working for Baker's! We offer high paid positions more than any other company and as you develop your skills, so will our pay.
  • Baker's Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to providing its installers with the best equipment and service possible. That’s why they always make sure that their HVAC trucks are well maintained, clean, and efficient!
  • You're a family, right? You deserve great healthcare coverage without worrying about high out of pocket costs. That's why we'll pay for your insurance premiums so that you can get the quality care and healthy lifestyle our employees deserves!
  • The use of iPhone and iPad with various software allows for constant communication.
  • The most cutting edge tools and parts.
  • The 401k plan is the perfect way to save for retirement and you'll never be short on funds with a company match.

Take the next step in your career is joining our team. We're more than just coworkers, we are family! You'll come to love working here just like us - and that's why you should join now before someone else does 😉

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