HVAC Maintenance Lodi Ca

Regular HVAC maintenance Lodi Ca is crucial to prolonging your equipment’s efficiency and life-span. Contrary to what you may believe, this doesn’t have to be a complicated process. A little extra care -  or a visit from a professional from Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning - can make a world of difference in the usage of your HVAC system. It’s advised that you follow manufacturer guidelines for equipment maintenance to protect your system and its warranties. Follow our HVAC maintenance Lodi Ca tips so you can add years to your systems life span and potentially see savings in your energy bills. Schedule a HVAC maintenance Lodi Ca by giving us a call.

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance Lodi Ca

Now that you’ve dug up your equipment manual (you still have that right?) and done some research, maybe you’re ready to take a look at what’s really heating and cooling your home. But if you aren’t a HVAC technician, chances are you can’t know everything there is to know about your specific equipment. It’s always best to have a professional come to your home and safely inspect your equipment for you. Even in the circumstance that your equipment is working well, regularly serviced systems are more reliable. Professional tune-ups are a great way to lengthen the life of your unit and save you from having to make a big decision when the temperature just isn’t right. 

How frequent Should I Change My HVAC Air Filter?

An easy way to take care of your HVAC system is by changing your filters monthly. Filters act as a catch-all for any harmful particles and bacteria in the air. They may aid in blocking these harmful agents, reducing the amount your cough or sneeze while inside your home so that you’re breathing only healthy, clean air. However, if not replaced often enough, they can become dirty and start to restrict the amount of air supplying your system. Not does the quality of the air inside go down, the amount of work your system has to do goes up. Regular filter changes ensure an HVAC system is operating at it’s max efficiency so that you can get the most from your energy costs. This is the simplest form of HVAC maintenance with promising results. 

 Have an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Telling you how important HVAC inspections are isn’t enough; we believe in it so much we created a Club that you can join to ensure you always get them on time. Save on your bi-annual maintenances (and unexpected repairs) by joining our Maintenance Club in Lodi, CA. Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning offers Club members two seasonal tune-ups, priority scheduling, discounts and so much more. We aim to make sure your system is cared for, so that you can care for your family. 

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No matter where you’re located in Lodi, Ca and surrounding areas, call Bakers Heating and Air Conditioning for unmatched maintenances services and benefits. We give you the relief and comfort you look for in your heating and air conditioning equipment. We’ll help you avoid major surprises and setbacks by catching breakdowns before they become too big. To find out more about our HVAC maintenance in Lodi, CA give us a call.